13 Celebs seen in high top fade haircut

High top fade hairstyle was a rage in late 80′s and early 90′s .It was made famous by black rappers- Larry Blackmon, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E and Schoolly D.

Larry Blackmon high top fade haircut

Larry Blackmon high top fade haircut

Larry Blackmon is lead singer of Funk and R&B

Big Daddy Kane is a rapper, famous for his song “Ain’t No Half Steppin ”

Big Daddy Kane High top fade hairstyle

Big Daddy Kane

American rapper Doug E. Fresh

Doug E Fresh top fade haircut

Doug E Fresh

Famous rapper Schoolly D

Schooly D fade hairstyle

Schooly D

Keith Sweat is american singer and song writer.

Keith Sweat top fade

Keith Sweat

Kid ‘n Play is american duo that hit number 1 on charts and also acted in movies. They are considered most influential figure behind the popularity of Hi top fade.

kid n play fade haircut

kid n play

Vanilla Ice was a white rapper who emerged in the scene in 1987 and had the famous single “Ice Ice baby”. Amongst many hair styles he also had had a high top fade.

Vanilla Ice high top fade haircut

Vanilla Ice

But arguably grace jones was first to spot it in the movie Conan the Destroyer. Does it looks better on women? See it for yourself.

Grace Jones women high top fade haircut

Grace Jones high top fade haircut for women

Hi top fade lost its popularity to other hairstyles in mid 90′s. After 15 years of obscurity, it looks like that it is making a comeback these days.

Daniel Welbeck is a soccer player for Manchester United and England. He has sported the top fade haircut and has made it popular in the football world.

Danny Welbeck Haircut

Danny Welbeck Haircut

Recently Jaden Smith was seen spotting it for his album.

Jaden Smith fade haircut

Jaden Smith

What about the dad Will smith? Can you guess the name of this sports star standing with will smith?

Will Smith haircut

Will Smith

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