Five Most Popular Fade Hairstyles in 2013

There are many types of fade hairstyles. Below we have listed the five most requested fade hairstyles in year 2013.

Caesar Fade : This is one level cut hairstyle. It means that the length of the hair on your head is same everywhere.

Caesar Fade

Taper Fade : The Hair on the sides and the back of the neck is faded.

Taper Fade

Fade Mohawk :This mohawk is not high like usual mohawk but just a bit higher than the rest of the hair.

fade mohawk

Blowout Afro : It is a variant of taper head where the top of the head is shaped as an Afro.

afro blowout fade

Skin Fade : The hair on the top is of longer length and the sides are bald.

skin fade


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