How to maintain a high top fade haircut?

The hi-top fade has been gaining popularity. It was popular in the 80s and early 90s when rappers, hip hop artists and basketball players had made it ubiquitous. Kid n Play had his over 10 inches.

CNN anchor Don Lemon recently tweeted his photo with a high top fade.


don lemon

The hairstyle needs maintenance which depends on the type of hair.

The men’s hair is mainly classified into these types:
1.) Thick
2.) Thin fine and straight
3.) Nappy, extremely curly
4.) Wavy, curly
5.) Balding

If you have curly and soft hair, a natural Afro American texture that stands up easily then it would be easier to maintain.

Otherwise you may need mousse, blow dryer, hot comb and gels in the morning to get your hair into shape. This will also take around half an hour everyday to get the look.

Mousse: Mousse helps in getting some volume into your thin hair by coating strands with polymers. This is helpful for people with thin hair to get the high fade up in the morning.
You should use this on the dry hair. And blow dry after applying it so that it stays longer.

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Gels: A hot comb with a lot of get applied on the hair lets it stand up. This will help any type of hair to get the high top quickly.

Hot comb/flat irons: Hot combs are ceramic flat irons to be used for straightening curly hair. Flat iron also straightens hair.

There are protective hair sprays that should be used when using it so that the heat does not come in direct contact of the hair.

It should be used on dry hair.

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Hair spray: Hair sprays are to be used once the styling is done to keep the minor details in place.

This will also need a shaping up every 2 weeks. You do not need to brush every day but try to

How long does it take to grow a high top fade?

Hair grows at the rate of 1 cm per month as an average. So depending on how tall you want your top fade, you should plan accordingly before getting the cut.

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