Nine interesting facts about the Fade Haircuts

The fade hairstyle is symbol of African pride as their ancient warriors spotted the Fade Haircuts. Below you can see the pic of Ashanti Gunman.


Philadelphia is home of fade haircuts in modern time. See this Will Smith Quote :

I have had a fade my whole life. It is a military thing, but people in Philly started doing it for fashion.”

Super boy is the first comic hero to spot fade haircut. Check the adventures of superman #501.

Carl Lewis popularised the High top fade haircut with cropped sides in 1984 Olympics.

Its popularity is further boosted by Recording Artists in 1980′s like Hakeem, Bilal, Khiry.

Hair stylist Ademola Mandela popularised the fade away afro haircut in America.

Bald and Bold conditioner was a popular choice among People spotting fade haircuts in 1980′s . See this vintage ad :

Bald and bold

Hollywood was introduced to fade haircut in the 1990 movie House Party. Check this quote from the same movie :

Zilla: [A kid is trapped inside an ice box] Yo Kid, so I guess this is how you got that Ugly Style Fade on top of yo Head.

Fade is making a comeback in 2013. Check this cute poster of a kid getting low fade in the  movie , The Fade : It is more than just a Haircut :

The Fade

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